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This page contains a brief history and background for Wolven Perceptions.

Wolven Perceptions was created early December of 1997 and has produced a number of images and commissioned work for many patrons all across North America.  Most of the images that were done can be found on the Gallery page of this website.  Radissima has been creating furry images for over 6 years now and has steadily improved in both quality and style.  Prices are extremely low compared to most other furry artists, so as to allow for a wider range of patrons.  Many commissions are for characters on SherwoodMUCK but any request will be considered.  Radissima reserves the right to refuse any commission request for any reason that she sees fit.  Prices may vary depending on the amount of work that she has ahead of her, the amount of detail requested, and the amount of time that the work needs to be finished in.


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 This page is for use as a student project for USF and is not intended for commercial use.  All images found on this page are the sole property of Radissima.  Any unauthorized use of these images is strictly forbidden by law.  Besides, stealing is bad Karma...