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This page is a place where I can post my thoughts and ideas for SherwoodMUCK publicly.

This is the first list I composed and sent out to the wizards and a few's just a basic list and not a fully detailed account of what I had in mind.

1.  Languages based on nationality.  These would include English, French, German, Italian, Norse, Spanish, Arabic, Persian, Latin, Greek.

2.  Weather!  We need weather!

3.  Feudal organization.  It goes, King, Duke, Count, Baron, Knight in that order ;)  We need to start having all nobles define what exactly they are, as it is extremely important that they know where the sit in the heirarchy...  Also, vassels pledge an oath to their lord for land which they hand out to other vassels below them or to serfs, depending...  In return for this land the vassel must provide courtly and military service to the lord.

4.  Manorial organization.  This basically consists of Lord over serf, the serf being frozen to the land that he has been given in return for promising to work on the lord's land 2 and a half days out of the week.  The other four and a half days he can work on his own plot...

5.  Seperation of power that is obvious and known to all regarding the local law and the King.  The Sheriff is in charge of all law proceedings within the shire of Nottingham, that includes all of Sherwood and Dabenshire and such, as we can all see on the map of the shire in the RH RPG I sent out to you. (Malazo, you shall recieve one as soon as I am able to get a copy made for you :)  The King has his Court system, but that is only for when a vassel takes his lord to court, or when vice versa happens.  Otherwise, all local stuff is handled by the Sheriff.  This also means that the King's army has NO business enforcing any laws at all anywhere.  All of that is handled by the Sheriff's own band of lawmen such as SG and Midas.

6.  We need to make a list of all the noble chars, knights included, and put them into the heirarchy that I described earlier.  Of course, chars who are very idle will need to be passed over...

7.  A seperation of the duties performed by those within the Castle is needed, giving Hiss his own job seperate from the Sheriff's and so on, basically going with three different offices:  Law, Money, and Religion.  Law is handled by the Sheriff who has taken a direct oath to the King and no one else.  Money would be handled by someone else (I'm still researching), and Religion by an Archbishop.  Hiss is the Steward who oversees all supplies that come and go within the castle, not really even touching money.

8.  With each of the chars having a set title, they could be issued a set amount of marks respective of that title, helping to distribute the wealth a bit better...

9.  Use MUD things like having random encounters, a multi-level monetary system (renaming marks to something more English and not so German), and things like a beggar who follows a char about until they either outrun them, pay them, or kill them ;)

10.  Get a morphing prog on here as well as fake objects that are customizable and consumable.

11.  Misc.  Finding marks randomly, hidden treasure, stealing progs, lock progs, ZINFO, outlaw/lawmen BBS's, a globally accessible TP board, OOC-only areas, and finally a movement to have lawmen check all hooded and masked individuals they come across to keep outlaws on their toes even in disguise :)

Here is a list of programs that I made to coincide with the above list :)

        Clothes changing morph-like program:  Basically this is so that no one has to retype their desc, or shift out any MPI, having to type 'notifier' again every time they did so...  Just another little thing to make MUCKing a bit easier for the players.

        Multiple types of currency:  This would change the current 'marks' into something more period for England, like crowns or something, and it would also divvy up and allot different values to other types of currency like pence and crowns and farthings and so forth...  We might also want to rename the current 'farthings' to something else..something more OOC.

        Weather:  We need weather!!  I know that in England it is mostly gloomy, but it would still be very very neat if we could actually see little messages that stated what the weather was doing.  However, unlike Furry Faire's system, which seemed to spit out rain, then sleet, then sun, then high winds all in about an hour, we would need to organize it so that it would replicate semi-realistic weather and weather patterns.  It sounds kinda complicated, but if Furry Faire can make one, we can make it better :)

        Consumable objects:  Very much like 'fake' objects on Furry Faire, where one can buy a glass of water and then 'drink' it three times the last time finishing it and the object dissappearing...  This would increase the amount of use we would see of the IC currency system and would also help promote the IC economy.  Of course this would require some kind of dispenser, which would need to be bought by inns and taverns, but let's not let this get too complex just yet, eh? ;)

        Storing IC currency in objects:  Who in their right mind would wander about the town carrying all of their money??  We need some chests or pouches or something to put money into, so that one could have a little treasure trove or horde ;)  Also, this would allow the pickpocket (to be mentioned soon) prog to have an easier time removing the money, as well as putting a cap on how much is removed..

        Lock Picking, Locks:  I believe that Avatar was working on a prog for locking doors both ICly and OOCly?  With this prog, a lockpicking prog would be wonderful, however a failsafe would need to be put on the picking prog so that if the door is locked OOCly or somesuch, it would not be opened neither ICly nor OOCly.

        Pickpocketing, Sneaking, and stealing:  Pickpocketing would go right along with the theme of having outlaws on here, as they need to be able to make some kind of living if they aren't living in the woods with RH.  Anyways, it would be nice to have this remove perhaps a single pouch or purse of money from someone if it is successful, or a visible pose that is announced to everyone that they were noticed or caught.  Sneaking around is another thing that urks me sometimes, especially when characters put into their entering message, "So and so melds with the shadows and quietly stalks in..." or somesuch.  If they are going to try to sneak around, we should have a program to do it for them like on many of the MUSHes I've been on...  That way it wouldn't be necessary for those kinds of messages that the character often forgets about and doesn't even realize is being announced every time they walk into a room...  Stealing combines sneaking and lockpicking, but it also requires a quietness check, which could be done the exact same way the pickpocketing is done...if you succeed, you get to take the item you tried to steal without making any noticable noise.  If you fail, you make a lot of noise and are discovered and/or chased off or something.

        Combat system:  Yes yes yes, we've debated it since the MUCK was friggin created...  However!  The 'roll' prog is an excellent substitute until someone comes up with something better to replace it with :)  We just need to -advertise- it more and make sure everyone knows it's available for usage to combat twinking...

        Multiple Languages:  This idea was spawned by the suggestion from Lestria that we have species-oriented languages that only they would understand.  That idea evolved into the idea of having languages that are based on location, like countries and regions.  The more languages, the more realistic it all is..  Of course, one would not put Japanese or even Chinese in there, nor would they put any African languages, as the only real contact with Africa that England had was from the North African coast, which was speaking either a Latin language or Arabic.  It would be very fun, and characters would no longer have to just pose, "So and so mutters swear words in Italian.." or anything like that...they could actually say it and the listener would only hear garble or something appropriately indescipherable (sp), unless they were schooled in that language.  Even then, it could be toyed around with to have varying degrees of knowledge on certain languages, having a certain number of the words spoken come out clear and the others garbled or nonsensical.

        It would be nice to have an easier way to set 'smell' messages on objects, rooms and such.  Currently, I believe the only way is to actually find the right subdirectory within that object's ex=<object>=/ and then set the prop on it.  That is a pain, and it would make more sense to just be able to do something like @smell here=<message> or @smell <object>=<message>

        It would also be very neat to have touch, sound and taste messages that could be set on objects and rooms and even players, if they so wish...  Setting individual props on everything with actions and @succ messages is too much of a pain to even bother with, as nobody will want to do it and thus nobody will know about it nor will they really even be able to tell if an object or room or player is set any of those unless it was specifically stated somewhere in the desc or something, and that is yet another pain in the tail to set and reset.  Just have it work like 'smell' and 'look' work...

        Along with the multiple currencies, exchange rate associated with it, and stealing/divviable among objects ideas, we have the idea of actually making it so that every character gets a certain amount of money every week or month or two weeks or whatever, as befits their rank, the amount of owned land, and social status.  Serfs, obviously, would not have very much coming in at all, if anything.  Nobles, depending on their rank, would recieve a certain amount as would merchants and craftsfurs.  That way, with money coming in (even if it is only a little bit) it would intice others to spend their money on goods and food and drink and services.  Again, another stimulation to the IC economy...

        We need a handful of 'chat' progs like wizchat:  We need one for helpstaff, which wizards would be a part of, one for OOC chatter, one for the FC's, and a Helpchat or Newbiechat for those who need help from the helpstaff.  That way if someone needs help on something, instantly everyone knows who needs help, who is able to give help, and who is actually going to give help instead of having to page back and forth among three or more players who are either wizards and/or helpstaff to see who is doing what with which player in need.  This is particularly effective with guests who want a character or need explinations...

        Species list!  Yes, the pervious attempts at making a concise, fully developed and thought out species list with actual heights have not been successful, or are still in the process of being made.  However, I am currently actually making good progress towards having a complete list of species that have realistic heights and builds.  However!  This will be for nothing if we can't somehow enforce the heights that are laid out...  Thus, I suggest a program similar to 'playeredit' named 'speciesedit' or somesuch, allowing a player to actually pick out a height and weight within the given amounts, which would limit them from making almost impossible combinations like 'robust with a solid build weighing 500 lbs and being a height of 8 feet...' and stuff like that.  The builds will already be planned out, as they are very very general concepts of size.  The actual body shape is measured out in seven different variants ranging from:

        Obese                     Pretty unhealthy and pudgy..
        Heavy Set or Overweight   As it says, not necessarily unhealthy though
        Robust                    Kinda large-boned or having a bit of weight
        Average                   Just plain as can be
        Lean                      Very healthy and trim
        Willowy                   Very thin and yet sorta naturally so..
        Gaunt or Emaciated        Basically just skin and bones, unnatural.

Then they could choose what height they wanted, and perhaps we could even add a 'health' thingy so that the weight wouldn't even be needed in actual pounds..just described.  Almost any combination is possible regarding height and body shape, however heavy set chars are more likely to be more healthy the taller they are in their species' range of heights.  The exceptions to this are Obese and Gaunt, as these are unnatural states of health, whereas someone might be a big guy like Friar Tuck and still be in decent health, being overweight.  Same for willowy, as some people with high metabolisms often can eat everything in sight and still be very thin...again, height plays a role in how healthy one is when willowy.  The shorter a person, the thinner one expects them to be if they are healthy, just from a physical size standpoint.  If a tiger that stands at a very tall height is robust, one can see him as healthy, just as a short tiger that is willowy would be seen as just as healthy, simply from the physical size factor.  I think I'm being redundant at this point ;)  Anyways, I'm making it and it would be nice to see some way of making it manditory to keep the 8 foot powergamers out of the MUCK...

Here is a list of information oriented things that I think are worthy of discussion...

        Global Directory:  It was a monumental task, but Kip accomplished it and made a full blown listing of all the globals we have on the MUCK :)  However, the list is so long that it spams the hell out of anyone that tries to look at it...this isn't Kip's fault at all, however we might want to split it up into categories like they do an most other MUCKs that have such a listing.  Perhaps a category for building, one for editing, and so forth :)

        Global TP board:  We have a TP board, which is a great idea, however it would be even better if it were viewable as a global so that everyone didn't have to jump OOC and walk all the way over to it to check it every day...  Make it like the 'suggestions' board so that everyone can access it at the stroke of a few keys while remaining in the same place :)

        Nobles listing:  Yes, we really need to know who all of the nobles are so that we can begin delegating all of the land to them so we know who controls what plot of land and who is in command of whom or is oath sworn to what.

        Land listing:  As mentioned above, we could really use a good map of the land along with who owns what, where, and how many sections it is cut up into.  Each shire (like Nottingham) would be cut up into seperate counties and those into baronnies and those into plots of land for the serfs to till and farm.

        Extended pinfos for nobles:  Perhaps a shorter version of the apps they must fill out, and yet more info than on a regular pinfo.  Also, the pinfos might be revamped and perhaps extended or contracted a bit?  That would need to be discussed in depth later on...

        Zinfos:  As I have suggested before, the option to have a zombie pinfo would be nice for everyone who has important zombies that they play as either seperate chars or important parts to their main character.  Also, it would be just that much more background that would relieve some twinking that is associated with zombie battle...  Also, it could be used as a better descriptor for group zombies, giving the other players a better idea of just what they are and what they have and all..

        BBS's for both the Law and the Outlaws:  This was suggested ealier, but I'm not sure if it fizzled out or not...  Both camps could really use such a thing, and they might be only the lawmen who are set with some specific prop can see them from anywhere, but others cannot...same for the outlaws.  The list would contain what all has happened and current events as well as who is an outlaw and who is a lawman...

        Building/Descing Code:  Everything should have a desc, right?  That's given...  However, I've seen some characters who have no clothing described at all in the descs...I had a char of mine actually ICLy ask, "Are you wearing any clothes, son?" of a fur not too long ago because he only briefly mentioned a cowl in his desc...  If possible, a formula or listing of required things should be implemented and enforced so that everyone knows they can at least see enough on every desc, char or otherwise, and get a decent enough understanding of what that thing looks like.  For chars, hair color, length, style, eye color, body fur coloration, facial fur coloration, build, height, body shape, and general appearance needs to be in every char's desc.  Clothing would need everything that is visible to the plain eye, even if it is just a cloak and perhaps some shoes...  However, if anything large is concealed beneath the cloak, or is otherwise obviously beneath any covering, it should be noted.  However, if a char lists that they wear a tunic, they should at least give the color, cut, and overall appearance of it, as well as what is worn on the legs, if anything, and what footwear is being worn, again, if any.  One should note all of that in their desc.  Objects should be fairly detailed, but of course this depends on the exact item...  Rooms the same way, though it would be very very VERY nice if the desc contained a general idea of how large it is (whether by so many feet by so many feet or by how many can stand in it or somesuch) and also where all of the objects are in relation to the doors or walls or other objects so that one can picture exactly where they are in the room instead of just generally saying, "Oh, I'm by the bar..."  Where is the bar and how far is it from the door?  What is inbetween the bar and the door?  Etc. etc...

        Newbie packets via email:  Okay, I'm gonna combine this with email requests for chars...  As of right now, if a char asks for an alt or a guest asks for a char, almost always it is given to them.  This is very very speedy for the guest or char, but it is based on trust that the guest is not a malevolent sort or one who is lying about their age, email address or whatever.  Most MUCKs now just send the guest an email at the address they provided that contains a welcome and the password to their char...  Why don't we start doing that?  That way we know for sure that the email they provided is legit and we can also send them a sort of 'packet' that contains everything that a newbie, whether a vet of MUCKing or not, needs to know how to MUCK on our MUCK.  This will help dispell Redwaller's ideas of using what they learned on there on our MUCK, and it will help orient other MUCKers towards how we do things so they aren't running around paging, "Will you flirt with me?" or other FurryMUCK-like things ;)  Basic rules, concepts to keep in mind, and a general synopsis of the history and lifestyle that our MUCK runs on can be a part of this 'packet' and it will all be tied in with the password, which helps protect us in the end :)

        Public Relations:  I'm afraid that it appears that the public opinion of the wizards and administration is not very high nor very confident.  Granted we all have RL's to deal with and this is not a full time job (if it is, you're addicted ;).  However, perhaps we should make some of the improvements more noticable or announced so that everyone can actually see the progress that is being made.  Right now very few people realize that progress is indeed being made, as they are either kept in the dark, or just plain not informed on what is going on.  I, myself, am rather in the dark as to how things are going and how far along projects are...heck, I don't even know what the projects are that are being worked on!  Some more PR is needed to make sure that the players know that there is progress being made and things will be better.  This can be helped along by holding a MUCKwide meeting inviting everyone in to hear the latest and the greatest, and to get feedback on ideas and new ideas and suggestions.  We also need an FC meeting to get all the TP's that are going on together and planned out to where we can begin them...and a Wizard/Helpstaff meeting would also help, especially regarding the need for more Helpstaffers so that there might be at least one on most of the time, rather than some of the time.  I know that everyone is working hard and as best they can, but we just don't have enough Helpstaffers to cover all the time that they would be needed.  Many players have voiced concern over the lack of staffers or wizards on when a guest logs on and wants a character.  Perhaps we could also add in a way to get a char without a wizard or helpstaffer on?  I've been asking for that ever since I became a helpstaffer all that while ago ;)

And then we come to the power structure of the administration itself...

This time it deals directly with the structure of administration and how they interface with the public at large.  Note - This is not meant to replace the current structure...I realize that it would be impossible to do such, and no one would ever go for it :)  This is merely to enhance and build on what we already have in place.

Okay, to start it off, the players are complaining more and more that we don't have enough Helpstaffers or Wizards on, especially earlier in the day, and that Guest after Guest has logged on and not been able to be helped or able to get a char due to this.  This isn't because we don't have wizards and helpstaff who never log's because they all log on around the same time every night or so, thus limiting when a player can join onto the MUCK.  As I mentioned in an earlier email, it is granted that we all have RL's to contend with and that this is only a distraction..entertainment.  We aren't being paid to be on here (though it is always nice to dream, eh?) and so logging in should be a fun thing to do.  Given that the administration of a MUCK shouldn't be taken lightly, nor should it be laxidasical nor half-hearted, this is in the interest of making it easier for everyone and still having the power to get things done and accomplish goals.  Why not split up the Helpstaff into four seperate categories?  Let's call them Guilds, to be Period :)

We could have the Programming Guild, which has a number of furs who can MUF better than most people (if at all) who can oversee, write, and maintain all of the MUF needs of the MUCK.

We could also have an MPI Guild, which would house those furs who were apparently gifted enough to be able to understand the bulk of the props, propdirs, and other such things that often leave most others scratching their heads.  They could come up with ideas on how to improve descs, actions, and any other thing that needs MPI to work...and they would make them better and easier and more readily available for others to use.

Next is the Theme Guild, which would contain those furs who are exceedingly good RPers, people who have enough spare time to study the actual history of this time period, and those who can build/design/etc stuff from objects to char's descs to rooms to actual maps of entire towns.  Obviously, this will not be like Dan who wanted to make everything based on a book that he found somewhere and such, creating his own version of history and reality.  The history would be for deciding on what should be included into the overall Theme of the MUCK, and this would include making a history that is specifically furry rather than hy00min.

The last of the sections would be the Helpstaff Guild, which would be the largest of them all.  It would have all those who kinda don't fit into any single one of the above listed and yet are still able to help those who need it in a pinch :)  So as not to make it seem like they are any less important in the eyes of the players, they will have the ability to make on the spot judgement calls on sticky issues that aren't quite bad enough to go to the top and yet still need the 'official' word to resolve it.  All in all, they would be the first line of help, the specific Guilds being the second line, and the Admin (which I'll go into depth in next) would be the last stop.

The Administration would consist of three or so furs who are not part of the Guilds and do all the admin stuff that Kip and Tabs do right now :)  Dealing with Otter, making global decision, and handling anything that may come their way, they would be able to do the maintainance and let the others just below them handle the player interface.  This isn't to say that they would become unreachable or unnecissary...not at all.  They will be the ones making sure that everything runs smoothly, making all the major decisions and not having to worry about the little details.  The three would be tied in with the Guilds through four other wizards who would head up their respective Guild and act as the spokesfur and the 'head' of the decisions that the group comes up with.  So we have seven wizards total, all having their own duties and yet working together towards goals that are agreed upon as a whole or debated until a decision is reached.  Yes, this is a committee, and there are other ways to do this, but as I said before, I only suggest we enhance what we already have and go from there :)  We would need at least six helpstaffers (yes, at LEAST six) so that we have a better chance of covering all those holes that we get in having someone connected who can help out.  In the other Guilds, at least two or three would be good, with a wizard heading that Guild up.  They would need to have regular meetings (once a month or something) so that things would be kept updated and it would become a habit, logging on regularly and withing their minds would be an ingrained thought that they really should be there, making it a larger part of their everyday life.  Yes, this can lead to burnout, but that's why we need several others in the group who can think and make decisions if the wizard is absent.



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